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Silambam or Silambattam is a weapon-based Indian martial art from Tamil Nadu, but also traditionally practised . It derives from the Tamil word silam meaning “hill” and the word perambu from which the English “bamboo” originates.Silambam referred to the sound derive from swinging of the perambu a particular type of bamboo from the Kurinji hills in southern Indian sub continent.Thus silambam was named after its primary weapon, the perambu. The related term silambattam often refers specifically to stick-fighting. “Silambam is a good way to channelize the energy of the youth. Leaning something antique and part of our rich heritage instils a sense of belonging towards the art,” he says but feels the cultural richness of Silambam has not penetrated the masses. “Only if we create proper awareness, the sport will reach national and international levels,”

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