Admission Procedure Helpline – 7010651875

1. We have a rolling admission procedure – All applications are addressed immediately. Contact the Srishti Admissions Office.

2. Complete and return application –  All forms must be completed by the parents and student(s). We would also like to see the candidate’s academic records plus birth certificate and Aadhar card.

3. Attend Interview – Test will be conducted.

4.Register and get admission.



Reading with understanding and fluency, Apply Reading Strategies to improve understanding and fluency,Comprehend a broad range of reading materials. Srishti International Matriculation School in old washermenpet has an environment which is not only child-friendly but engaging for children to learn and have fun at the same time. It has spacious classrooms that are well-appointed with various amenities and facilities. This center employs caring and involved certified teachers that play an instrumental role in the learning and development of the kids. Contact us anytime between 09:00 am – 5:00 pm from Monday to Saturday… Scroll up to view the address and contact details.

Grade 1-5

Grade 1-5

The major provider of English qualifications internationally is Pearson Edexcel. which offers curriculum and programs for learners. These include programs preparing students for IGCSEs and International A Levels. Additional to academic qualifications, Edexcel also offers programs leading to a more vocationally oriented International Diploma , mixing a blend of academic courses and BTEC vocational courses. At the primary and middle school level, Fieldwork Education has been offering international programs based on the English National Curriculum. Its most widely used curriculum is the International Primary Curriculum (ages 3 -11), designed to produce specific learning goals and promote a sense of international mindedness. It is currently offered in more than 65 countries globally. The International Middle Years Curriculum is the follow-on from the IPC and is designed for learners aged 11-14. Fieldwork curriculums are offered widely in the UK, in addition to internationally at independent schools and schools owned and operated by parent company World Class Learning Group.

Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

Assessment for admission will be followed by an interview and will take place on a first-come-first-served basis subjecting to the availability of the seats. Applications will be issued on request of the parents. Parents/guardians are required to furnish all the information/documentation sought by the Admissions Department for a proper assessment. The Admissions Department holds the authority to invite the candidate for an admission test/observation and the parents or authorized representatives for the registration process. Students are enrolled for the classes by the end of April, but will be placed in a Class according to the determination by the administration and relevant staff. The Correspondent and Principal’s decision in such matters will be final.

Why Choose Us

Srishti International Matriculation School is a budding school which teaches International curriculum. It is one of the leading schools in North Chennai. The school has a center approval and can offer Edexcel International Primary, Lower Secondary and IGCSE qualifications to students.

Grade 1 – 5

Srishti International School prescribes uniform for all students. Students are expected to take pride in their personal appearance and to conform to all rules governing the school uniform. The details of the uniform and the system for their procurement will be provided upon admission to the school.

Uniform for Boys
  • Light Grey half sleeved shirt.
  • Dark grey trousers.
  • Plain black shoes.
  • Plain grey socks
Hairstyle for Boys

Students should be neatly groomed at all times. Untidy, unruly and long hair is not permitted. Body piercing is not allowed for boys.

Uniform for Girls
  • Light grey half sleeved shirt.
  • Dark grey pleated skirts.
  • Plain black shoes.

Plain grey socks. Uniform for Physical Education & Extracurricular activities for both Boys and Girls from Grade 1 to Grade 3 House T shirts (white) and pant(red) to be worn on specified days.

Hairstyle for Girls

Girls are to keep their hair short and in place with black hair bands/clips. Those who wish to keep their hair long are to plait the hair using black ribbons or bands.

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